Fixing our society

Okay, it looks like I need to take over as things are a mess in this world. Here is what we do next:
>Every human 12 and over will spend 1 week each year in the wild killing, cleaning and cooking their own food while living in a shelter they built
>Every human at the age of 18 will serve in the military for 1 year. I do feel bad for the military leaders, but this is a necessary cost to produce quality humans
>Every human, after military service, at age 20 then 30 and again at 40 will visit struggling nations for 90 days and provide meaniful service to the citizens
>Every family will work their own farm land to produce their own meat, fruit and vegetables. However, you can still get Duritos at the store
>We will create a bill of responsibilites to supplement the bill of rights. Like, you are responsible to clean up your messes, be a good neighbor and provide for yourself. Crazy stuff like that

Side note: The federal government will be reduced to fit in the box it started in. The elected president of the USA should not have such importance in out lives. There will be no federal funding to states. Needed state revenue will come from sales tax only. If the state turns to crap like California, you just move to a state that doesn't suck. States will be motivated to not suck.