You are not the boss of me

Here are things telling me what to do: >Face masks, Karens, Global shutdowns, "Peaceful" protesters >International borders - Darren without borders >Speed bumps...more like a jump challenge >Stop signs used as speed control...silly dictators >Buckle up or busted...government revenue generator >War on drugs. Illegal things create black markets and death. Our energies should be used to educate+rehabilitate people instead of this so-called war >Republicans and democrats...two sides of the same corrupt coin >Property taxes, income taxes...let's go full sales tax, then you are in control >Marriage licenses >CCW licences: See second amendment >Many professional licenses

None of us is as dumb as all of us

It's interesting, I think most people can be reasonable, smart, creative, productive, funny and give back to society as a whole. But for some reason, when a group or organization gets established, everyone gets dumber, giving over control to the group and sets aside their individual minds. The individual beauty is lost to the group that comes up with crazy crap that we all hate. What the hell? Why are the good individual traits lost to group-think? Maybe people are afraid to tell the group to cram-it!

Life is a Highway

If I wrote a song about life, it would be called "Life is a Treadmill" and I want off....Running as fast as I can and getting nowhere in the rat race that is designed to be a prison for my soul. I'm certain there is a better way. Maybe a simple existence, maybe living with more intention and purpose. Or maybe, it is just about perspective, finding joy in the most important things like spouse, kids, health, life, beauty, friendship, and bananas. It's probably a mixture of all these things, so out with the treadmill and do that other stuff.

Holidays are telling you what to do

Do you ever feel like eating knives for Christmas? That is because holidays have been hijacked to make you feel like you must buy, spend, visit, attend, or you are a bad human. Well it's time to tell holidays to suck-it because you are bringing joy back and opting out of the chaos. There is beauty and peace in simplicity. Don't buy crap for people who don't need it...and trust me, they don't need it. Visit people you love and help you feel better. Holidays have a place in our lives, but don't let them tell you what to do. Put on your big diaper and make it are welcome!

When I am King

 When I am King, I will be making the following changes: -Legal size paper will be illegal -Pennies will be abolished -"Daylights Saving Time" will be canceled -Festivus will be an official holiday -Turkey will be replace by Tacos for Thanksgiving

Our "new normal" has caused me to develop some meme based t-shirt ideas...enjoy

-I am autonomous  -Submit to the face diaper  -Liberate your face  -Social psychosis  -Faux Biden/Faux Joe  -Thief-in-chief  -Jesus for president  -Lock-down exempt  -Darren without borders  -Oppression: I'm lovin' it  -Submit or die  -Peaceful violence  -Fake science  -Conspiracy fact  -Don't worry, you're next  -Land of the sheep, home of the depraved  -Fear everything  -Cancel everything  -Bankrupt everything  -Everything is stupid  -Lead the sheep  -Sheep think

Fixing our society

Okay, it looks like I need to take over as things are a mess in this world. Here is what we do next: >Every human 12 and over will spend 1 week each year in the wild killing, cleaning and cooking their own food while living in a shelter they built >Every human at the age of 18 will serve in the military for 1 year. I do feel bad for the military leaders, but this is a necessary cost to produce quality humans >Every human, after military service, at age 20 then 30 and again at 40 will visit struggling nations for 90 days and provide meaniful service to the citizens >Every family will work their own farm land to produce their own meat, fruit and vegetables. However, you can still get Duritos at the store >We will create a bill of responsibilites to supplement the bill of rights. Like, you are responsible to clean up your messes, be a good neighbor and provide for yourself. Crazy stuff like that Side note: The federal government will be reduced to fit in the box it start

I feel like Russ

Many years ago, I worked with a kid named Russ. Each day, I would ask Russ how he was doing and pretty much without fail, Russ would say "I feel like shit". To this day, when I am not feeling well, I will say "I feel like Russ". Throughout life, you will leave your mark on people and not realize it. What mark will you leave? Think about that!